European luxury car rental company.

Our contribution in a nutshell:

  • Web Design following the best UI/UX practices
  • Custom WordPress theme development from scratch
  • Marketing plan development

The client

VD Rent GmbH provides car rental services for customers who value luxury. The established business processes allow renting premium cars at fair prices quick and easy. Being presented online, it has become even more effortless. Browse the available models, pick up the beloved, request a quote and enjoy the ride.


The brief

To enhance its online presence the company needed a website which would

  • present available car models
  •  provide their info
  •  answer all potential customers' questions 
  • have an instrument to capture the leads
  • be attractive and SEO-optimised

The outcome

Web design

View Behance Case

Having fulfilled the design brief, the client provided vivid guidelines of what the website should look and feel like and supplied the photos of vehicles. Black, white and orange colours were picked up to highlight the sensation of luxury. And yes, we were definitely inspired by the charming interior look of the Bentley Bentayga Azure V8.

There was a request to provide users with quick and comfortable navigation through available vehicles, giving insights on the most popular info -- the rent price. The solution was to display a catalogue of vehicles with the ability to apply filters and immediately check on the prices in previews.

Web development

The website didn't require sophisticated functionality, so it didn't require an advanced stack of technologies. This allowed us to reduce the development costs and build the website using WordPress CMS.

Fixed Price payment model & Waterfall project management model
Custom WP theme from scratch
Advanced Custom Fileds plugin for easy content management
Connection to Instagram account to pull the posts to website
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Client feedback

We were absolutely delighted by the management of our project. The team of WebCap Digitals left no questions unanswered and was extremely patient with us during our co-operation, approaching every task in a professional and positive manner. We were convinced that the co-operation with WebCap Digitals will be a successful one from the very first conversation we had with them. Which turned out to be exactly the case.

Daria Bondarenko, CEO at VDRent GmbH

. 05

Technologies and Instruments

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